Friday, May 29, 2015


 So, I have been having actual panic attacks over our calendar for the month of June.  It makes me sooo sad because I miss my babies so much and I know we are right around the corner from them being big and busy of their on accord and I feel like this is my last chance to just hold them tight and read them books and do nothing but soak them up.  And when I see in June booked I get all teary-eyed.  I'm just not good with busyness anyway.  I keep a lot of margin in our schedules, so seeing everything converge in June took me aback when I'm feeling so nostalgic anyway.  But I hope it will just make me more deliberate in the time we are spending together and more present in every moment with these precious gifts of God.  And, hey, at least one day in June will be spent at the Happiest Place on Earth! 

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