Monday, June 1, 2015


 We had a sweet laid back weekend.  I finally took the kids' birthday cupcake pictures on Friday.  I made almond cupcakes from Southern Living and they were really good.


 The six was pretty hard.

 This was dove road behind our neighborhood.  We had to take an alternate route to church Sunday.
 On Saturday we went to Southlake's Summer Kickoff in Town Square.

 The kids had been talking about meeting the Ninja Turtles all week.

But they were by far the most excited about starting the Summer Reading Program at the library.  Aaron has already read 6 1/2 hours since Saturday.


Abigail made masks for her and Aaron


They waited Forever for balloon animals. 
 I told Jory it would be good practice for waiting to meet Elsa and Anna.


A purple and pink butterfly.

I went to Costco on Sunday so that Julie and I could make meals today.  We are writing another Crockpot Planner.  This one has beef (and turkey)!
 On our way home from church Sunday taking our alternate route I spied a Taqueria we had never tried.  We impulsively pulled in and it was sooo good!


 Love our sweet family and our sweet weekends!

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