Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer of Fun Weekend

 Friday wasn't really that fun because we were still dealing with an ear infection of Abigail's, but I thought she did a pretty good job writing her name that day!
 Also, we went to Walgreens to pick up a different medication for her and I needed some things at the Dollar Store across the street, so I told the kids their Summer of Fun activity would be picking an item from the Dollar Store. 

 I took a lot of pictures because Abigail's item kept changing
 She settled on the Elsa and Anna Word Search



Saturday was really fun!  We went to Dalton's 5th Birthday party.

It was the best thing ever!  The kids constructed and decorated bird feeders! And the Party Gifts were bags of bird seed!  The feeders are hanging at our house now.  The kids had so much fun and are so proud of their houses!



 And the Coles have a huge dinosaur that moves and makes noise!


 Saturday night the Walkers came for dinner and the kids had so much fun playing with Aiden!

On Sunday after church we had a SS Lunch with the class we are actually in, not the one we teach.  We don't get to do enough with that group since we've been teaching! 

 Today we went to a Cookie Decorating at the library.  It was free and the kids had so much fun!  They also got a book read to them!


 Tomorrow is a swim day at Dee and Papa's!

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