Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer of Fun, Days 18 and 19

On Monday we had three doctor's appointments which made for a long day.

So our Summer of Fun treat was dinner and play time at CFA!



The kids had a really good time and when Aaron dropped his ice cream one of the worked got him a brand new one for free!

On Tuesday we went swimming at Dee and Papa's!

Then we had sandbox time.  Yes, the kids have blue butterfly stamps on their foreheads. 







It was a really great visit! 

After long naps we went to the library to pick up more prizes.  Abigail got her first - this pink tiger stamp that she has stamped everywhere.


I had to run into the post office to get stamps and the kids played with the boxes


 We walked next door to Pure for a smoothie

We enjoyed it outside 
 Then we walked to the Owl's Nest where Aaron made a list of things he'd like people to keep in mind if they were inclined to buy him something.

Abigail had a big time playing


She dressed herself


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