Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer of Fun, Days 20 and 21

We had our Harkins Summer movie Wednesday.  This week is Rio 2. 

Afterwards we went across the street to Central Market to play for a few minutes

(I did not dress Abigail in a long-sleeved black dress, in case you weren't sure.)
 After naps we had to go to Walgreens, so we went across the street and used a Sonic gift card we had.  We sat outside on the patio which we have never done.  The kids were very excited.
 On Thursday we met the Huffmans for lunch at CFA.  They are in town for VBS and we love them so much!
 We also went to the Grapevine Library to get our first prizes from that reading club.

That night we had some friends over for a dinner that Abigail helped make, 

 But it turned out okay!
 And we had a great time with our friends!

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