Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer of Fun, Day One


 What a big, fun First Day of Summer we had!
 First we celebrated Dee's birthday with a swim and lunch
 Aaron brought some books to read when he was done.  He is always reading (he also packed his own after swim clothes, I did not pick out a long sleeved shirt)
 After naps we headed to the Grapevine Library to sign up for their summer reading program.  We have done this one every year.

Then we went to the neighborhood Sno Cone stand to officially start the summer!

 Abigail wears this fancy dress from Janice almost everywhere we go.  She says it's her Rapunzel dress.



Finally, we headed to the Southlake Library because Aaron read another five hours and was ready for his next prize.  He got this Orange Foam Dough. 

Now we are settling in for a good night's sleep and looking forward to more Summer tomorrow!

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