Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer of Fun Days 16 and 17

On Saturday we travelled home from Florida.  Our flights were different from my family's so we left early together.

At the airport there was a fantastic Disney store.  Our kids had not spent their Disney money from their grandparents, so they went shopping. 

It was really fun.  Abigail got a Disney Princess hat complete with Minnie ears and a veil.  She also got a set of 24 crayons in the shape of Disney princesses.

Aaron got Disney buses that he has been wearing out and some Lion King figures.

 Saturday we got home in time for some naps and then Aaron and I went grocery shopping and he got Jory and Cookie Cake that said Happy Father's Day.  Everyone was so excited to share that! We also went to the library and got Aaron some new books and he got another reward for the reading club.

On Sunday we went to Father's Day Brunch after church with the Elliotts




We ended up having a really sweet day with our little family!

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