Saturday, June 13, 2015

First full week of Summer of Fun!

The first week after school is out really does me in.  And this year, we added to that getting ready to go out of town next week and this was the week the kids swim lessons fell (every day, in the middle of the day, please ask me to complain about that - I will gladly oblige).  But we made it through, although I have no idea when I am planning to pack to leave on Monday (the weekend schedule isn't any lighter), and we did manage to fit in a Summer of Fun activity every day.  Now I will just be lucky to remember what they were since this is the first time I've sat down to download pictures all week.  And we are super duper looking forward to next week!

Summer of Fun, Day Four
We have Summer Movie Passes to Harkins Summer Movie Fun this year, so we get a kids movie once a week in the morning.  This week we went on Monday and it was the Lorax.
 Aaron finished working on a Lego set he had gotten for something that I don't remember.
 Summer of Fun, Day Five
We had to take a meal to Flower Mound and we went right past Sonic during Happy Hour!  Summer of Fun Activity, Check!


We also stopped at the library to pick up another prize for Aaron in the reading program.  He has read over 20 hours in less than two weeks!

He got a free book this time that he owns.  It's a big book and he loves it!




We had to make a return at Old Navy and had some check out line fun!



 Summer of Fun, Day Six
This was PJ and Movie Day at the house which the kids were so excited about.  But Aaron also hit his 100 marble mark so we went to Toys R Us and Abigail played with the store train set in her pajamas (a night gown and pj pants from another set that don't match at all).


 Guess what Aaron chose?

This was from earlier in the day during movie time.  Different pajamas, they changed after swim




Summer of Fun, Day Seven
Haircut day!


Waiting for swim lessons




We had lunch at the park this day.  The kids packed their own lunches and we had the park to ourselves because it was a bit warm!







 Summer of Fun, Day Eight (Friday)
We made a pie for a Sunday School cookout in the morning



Aaron finished his newest Lego set
 We went to the farmers market to get some jam
 Abigail wore her favorite fancy dress

We had Watch Day at swim, so I could see what the kids had learned

A little play time in the Elliott's house
 Sunday School Cookout!


 More swim pictures




WHEW.  And now we are off to church for the day!


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