Wednesday, May 13, 2015



There's a super fancy restaurant 560 feet up in the air in Dallas in a ball that revolves around so you can see the whole city (and Fort Worth).  It's Wolfgang Puck's Asian Restaurant.   Aaron has always wanted to go, so we decided to take him for his birthday (a little late, but still).  He was so quiet the whole way to Dallas, looking out the window and taking it all in.

 About to go up
 Looking out
 He had the time of his life!  It was such a hit!

He got to order Lemonade and he couldn't believe it.  And it was sooo good.  Real deal. 



We got a complimentary appetizer of Schezwan green beans and he loved them.  They were so crunchy and good.
 He ate his noodles with chop sticks

 He was so excited that they wrote his name in chocolate, but the best part was the candle!


 It was so much fun to celebrate with him!

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