Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Aaron's Birthday

We started Spring Break off with Aaron turning eight years old!
 He had already celebrated his birthday at Great Wolf Lodge in February but we still made the day special.  We went to the Perot Science Museum.  The kids played in the water outside before we went in.

He wanted a Star Wars Cake.  Really, my mom was coming and she told me that there must be cake and I almost didn't get one, but I ran up to Tom Thumb on his birthday and grabbed him this.  He was pretty excited.



 He chose Outback for dinner.  Really he chose Asian, but it's not Mom's favorite and his grandparents had taken him to Outback when they visited in January and he decided it was the place to be.  He got ribs but said they weren't as good as our friend's who makes them for him on his smoker! 
 We got balloons from the balloon guy!  Abigail wore a cupcake dress in Aaron's honor.
This was a really fun special day!

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