Thursday, March 23, 2017

This Week

I am so in love with this kid. I am constantly sending Jory pictures and videos of him.  This was when he was napping in his crib.  He is so smiley right now - such a joy!

Aaron has been complaining about his eye sight lately so he had an eye appointment yesterday.

He needed glasses though he won't have to wear them all the time.  He had fun trying on frames.

He chose Dragon Green ones and got to wear them from the doctor's to school.  He said they helped so much!

I also needed new glasses and was sending pictures to Jory.  His favorite was different than mine.  I went with his.


The kids are still completely enamored with Andrew.  Aaron is sooo good with him.  Abigail was playing school with him today.
I don't want to forget how small he was and all his milestones.  I love love love spending time with this kid.

Believe it or not it's Easter Bucket time!  I am trying to get Andrew a similar bucket made.
I had lunch with Aaron today.  It was a lot of fun.

I came home to this package from Kathy and I took a picture of the wrapping because I was so in love with it and I wondered if she had done it or if a store had.  When I opened the package I learned that the wrapping paper was vintage - it had belonged to her mom, Mama Kelley.
And inside was THIS!!!!!
Which prompted this.


This morning I found this.  I love my sweet creative Abigail.

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