Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Rest of February

What a blur of posts in one day.  I had to just sit down and plow through to get it all done.  This should get me caught up.

The kids both had AMAZING mid-year parent conferences this year.  I was seriously blown away.  Everything was so positive.  We celebrated with Baskin Robbins!  My grandma always took me to Baskin Robbins when I visited her and I have an affinity for it.  I still love the same ice cream I used to get with her.
 Just hanging out.




When your bib is as big as you are



Everyone's birth announcements
 Lunch with the big brother

A gift from Kim's neighbor
 On Monday the kids didn't have school and we ran some errands in Hurst so we stopped by our friends' restaurant for lunch.
 I hear this picture may make an appearance on their social media sites
 He got this sleeper from my friend Mandi at my shower
 Lunch with Sis
 And Aaron


She loves to lay with him and hold him

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