Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Rest of January

Dad and Sheri were here for a week and were SO much help.  This is a crazy time for Jory and it took a load off him knowing we had help at home.  They had lunch with the kids at school.
 My kids love this little boy so much and they have been the biggest help.  I feel like they have grown up over night.  They have been so responsible and it has been a huge joy to watch them with Andrew and to see them just being so helpful to me.





 When I do go out I have kept Andrew under wraps with this cover Sheri sent.  It is AWESOME.  No one bothers the baby under this!  I have been so nervous about the germs this time of year and it has been such a bad season.  Two of my friends had a baby the same day I did (YES they did, one at the same hospital) and both of their babies got RSV.  One ended up in NICU for six days at two weeks old.  So I've stayed out of church and only gone to really open places with Andrew covered like this!
 He could NOT WAIT to give Andrew a bottle! These kids of mine really have been amazing.



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