Thursday, February 23, 2017

Abigail's Birthday

Abigail turned six this month!  I absolutely can not believe it.  Her party was a few days before her birthday at a gymnastics place.  Sis LOVES a good birthday party.  While Aaron gave up parties a couple of years ago in favor of experiences, Sis has her parties planned out for the next four years.  Yes she does.  She loves all the people and the presents and the activity and the cake.

She has had a Minnie Mouse theme at almost every party she's had.  We had Minnie Mouse snack packs before cake.



 She picked this cake out herself





The next day Dee and Papa took her to Cotton Patch to celebrate her birthday.  They brought her a tiara to wear.

This was her actual birthday

 She had a party at school

 That night we went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. 
She had a fantastic birthday.  I could not love this child more.  She is so full of hearts and sunshine.  She leaves notes that say I love you for all of us all the time.  She takes notes and pictures to her friends and teachers at school.  She dances and sings and draws her way through life.  She has so much to tell you.  I love to listen to her at the end of every day.  She is smart and sweet and impulsive and high strung.  She loves Jesus and her family.  She loves to swim. She loves to read. She loves, loves, loves to play pretend - school, house, family, beach, restaurant.  We are so lucky to get to have a bit of her.

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