Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekly Pictures

Here's Five Weeks in the Life of Andrew Roy Allen

Day One.  Seven Pounds. Strong and stubborn.  I don't think any of that has changed.
One Week Old.  This was the first day he stretched out.  He stayed in a fetal position for a week.  It was so hard to maneuver him.
Two Weeks.  Starting to have a little more awake time.  He's still a pretty sleepy baby, though.
Three Weeks.  This blanket was mine.  My grandmother made it.
Four Weeks.  8 1/2 pounds.  Reaching Sister's birth weight but not caught up to brother yet.
Five Week Old today.  Wearing 3 month clothes and newborn diapers, but ready for size 1.  Nine pounds. Sweet as pie.

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