Thursday, February 23, 2017

More One Month Pictures

I had so much fun taking pictures of Andrew as he turned one month old

It really has been a perfect month
 Some other things I forgot to mention in my other posts:  I said through almost all of my pregnancy that this would be the first kid not to make it to his scheduled delivery date.  I knew I wouldn't go into labor, since I can't do that, but I just knew he wanted out and he would find a way.
 I also said throughout my pregnancy that he was the strongest, most aggressive kicker of our kids.  This has been confirmed outside the womb, as well.  Even when we went to get his PKU test done when he was a week old the nurse commented on his strong legs and kicking.  Since she does this A LOT I assume that her commenting on it means it was a bit out of the ordinary.
 He did a great job getting his blood taken, though.  He's actually handled a lot of things like that way better than I have experienced with other newborns.  The same with the first bath and tummy time. 
 He is stubborn.  In the hospital we learned that if he didn't want to eat, he would not eat.  We were told by every nurse that you could force a feeding.  Still haven't been able to do it. 

But when he does want to eat, nothing can stop him.  He is such a great eater and has been able to go three hours between feeding since birth, I think because he takes such a good meal.  This was his coming home outfit, by the way.  He also had a bonnet that Julie's mom made for him.  It is a keepsake that came with a beautiful story about how his future bride can carry it with her flowers. 
 He looks SO much like Aaron that it's nuts.  He has the same expressions and mannerisms already.  It's funny because Aaron and Abigail were so different from each other and Andrew seems so much like Aaron.


I have absolutely adored the newborn phase.  Every reflex and stretch and baby noise and expression and gurgle.  I just can not get enough of it all!



 His hair is light compared to our other kids (and us).  The nurse in the OR said he was blond and I think he's probably not, but he's definitely a lighter brown than everyone else.

 He does very well swaddled, but he also will nap some not swaddled, so that is a nice mix.  The other kids had to be swaddled to sleep.  He also doesn't mind his carseat as long as the car is moving.  I know that is normal, but neither of our other kids did well in the car so we are feeling super blessed by this!  He actually will sleep in the car.  We have never had that!

 So over the moon in love with this one month old!

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