Thursday, February 23, 2017

Andrew's first week




These are some pictures from Andrew's first week at home.  I absolutely love this precious, perfect baby boy.  I am determined to relish every moment.  He's made it pretty easy.  He really is a very good baby.  He eats very well, sleeps well and really doesn't get too worked up about much.  He loved his first bath and doesn't scream when I lay him down for Tummy Time. 



We sit on the porch a lot



First doctor's appointment




 First time he found his thumb.  I LOVE this Andrew gown from Sheri. 

He was SO small compared to my other kids and he was wearing preemie and newborn clothes.  Of which we had virtually none.  My other kids came home in 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers (Andrew wore preemie diapers because of his tiny bottom half) and they wore a different outfit every single day while I took pictures like the fashion police.  Andrew literally wore the same five outfits every day for five weeks.  Two that Sheri had bought before he was born and three that she bought while she was here.  Just today he started wearing his 3 month clothes and his wardrobe has finally expanded. 

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