Thursday, February 23, 2017

The First Week of February

Dad and Sheri left at the end of January and I started driving and the world got back to normal.  Jory handle morning stuff in its entirety right now and I am sleeping until about 8, but other than that I am fully functional and back in the groove.  I am so blessed that my husband does so much.  The kids haven't missed a beat.

Andrew sleeps in my room at night (Jory is upstairs until Andrew sleeps through the night - we don't both need to lose sleep), but he naps in his crib. 
He likes his floor mat
Two week doctor's appointment.  Perfectly healthy, but not happy.  He has stayed in about the 20th percentile for weight so he's progressing perfectly on his own growth curve.
I have continued to have weekly lunches with the kids.  I got to eat in Aaron's classroom one week because he had earned the privilege. 
Lunch with Sis

Another lunch with Sis
Aaron on his way to celebrate his birthday (early) at Great Wolf Lodge with his best friend Luke and Luke's brother Preston, their dad and Jory.  He had SO much fun.  He said it was the best thing in his whole life.

Sis at the library.  We had such a fun girl's night while the boys were at Great Wolf.  We went to the library and out to dinner (and ice cream) and watch Charlie Brown's Christmas at home (it's her favorite movie and Grandma Beth bought it for her for Christmas. 

Dinner at Howard Wang's

Aaron at Great Wolf having the time of his life
Watching Charlie Brown's Christma

Watch Strawberry Shortcake Saturday morning.  Pretty much two years before my other kids saw TV.  I didn't know he was awake.

Leaving Great Wolf


Finishing a Star Wars Lego Set


Ready for Game Day at Church!


Mama Son Date Night!


Chick Fil A with Sister

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