Thursday, December 29, 2016


 Oh I have so many pictures to go through, but this is a sampling from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 
 These were before church on Christmas Eve.  Abigail found this dress in a sidewalk sale this July!


Abigail was so excited to leave milk and cookies for Santa and Reindeer Food for the reindeer

The gifts - A school set for Abigail, a Tie Fighter Lego Set for Aaron and a baby safety/care kit for Andrew.  And some surprises in their stockings just like Abigail asked Santa.

 Christmas Morning


The milk and cookies were gone and a note was left



 Abigail was confused by the orange in the bottom of each stocking
 In Andrew's stocking

 We had breakfast and went to church and after naps Dee and Papa came over.  More pictures to come!



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