Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Thanksgiving was a very low-key, sweet day
The kids watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and they were soooo into it!  It was so sweet!  They got excited over every float.  I love that!  We had 'dinner' really early, so Abigail and I had made everything on Tuesday and Wednesday and I just had to pop the turkey in the oven, so we really relaxed and played games and watched the parade until Dee and Papa came for lunch.
Jory picks the menu for all of our holidays with a mix of old and new recipes.  This was a new one and it was really good.
Kim brought flowers for the table which, of course, Aaron set
We had turkey and gravy (old, standby recipe that Jory loves), dressing (new recipe which replaced the one I've made for ten years and was excellent), cranberry sauce (old, awesome recipe), carrot souffl√© (old, awesome recipe), Brussel sprouts with cornbread croutons (new awesome recipe), fruit, salad, rolls with home jelly, potatoes and corn.  With pumpkin lemon cream cheese chess pie for dessert.  Almost all of the recipes are from Southern Living.


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