Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas with the Hartleys

We flew to Ohio on Saturday.  Aaron's favorite part of flying is riding on the bus at the airport!  And second is watching planes.
  Abby travelled in her Buckeye Dress which I absolutely include in Dressing for December.  And I always save it for Ohio.  We were delayed quite a bit, but we were not on the airplane so we did lots of window shopping.  Abby loved this dancing toy! 

We landed and had a quick lunch on the way home.  After naps we heading to the Country Club for a big family dinner.  It was so good!

 Abby with her Grandpa Tom

We took lots of pictures by the tree.


Back at Grandma and Grandpa's we had our Christmas.  It was so fun and the kids got really great gifts.  They loved all their stuff.  Abby got lots of Minnie Mouse and Aaron was amazed that Santa got him so many of the things he circled in a catalog.  He kept saying, "I WANTED this!"

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