Sunday, December 8, 2013

Iced In

It's been a crazy few days here being, as the news tells us, encased in ice!  The boys braved the 16 degree temperatures on Saturday to "play" in the ice.  Aaron kept thinking there was snow and he so wanted to play in it.  There was no way to make him understood that, with all that white, there was no snow.  They made the trek across our frozen solid front yard and did a little ice digging in the street.  Kids have been sledding down that hill on trash can lids.  Aaron brought me some pieces of ice to keep in the freezer.  


Dressing for December, Day 8 was more PJs.

Gingerbread Men

 Tomorrow will be another PJs day as school is cancelled.  The sun's supposed to come out tomorrow, so we will see what the rest of the week holds.
 Aaron is so bummed about having to miss school again!  If this had happened during the week though, that would be four days in a row of cancelled school. 
Everything around here is closed.  No church.  No mail delivery.  Nothing.  I am seeing on Facebook that all of my friends have cleaned their house from top to bottom, washed everything in the house and baked all their Christmas cookies.  I had no idea snow days were supposed to be productive.  We've read a thousand books and sang a hundred Christmas Carols.  It's been fun.  The kids play really well together and it's been nice seeing them have this extra time. 

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