Sunday, December 1, 2013

Are you ready??

 For some football?  We took the kids to the Carroll High School playoff game at Cowboy Stadium on Friday.  It was Abby's first game and Aaron's first in a place so big. 

 Aaron had a great time.  He really loves watching football and he is learning about it.  It's fun to watch him.  He is a great cheerer!
 Abby got restless.  It's great that Aaron is now at a stage that he can really enjoy these things, but it's hard dragging a two year old with us.  She had a good time, too, but Aaron could sit the whole time and focus on the game and Abby is definitely not there yet. 



Aaron was showing Abby the dragons running out of the tunnel onto the field.  He loves to give her a blow by blow of everything.

It was really a fun evening and we enjoyed being with our friends.

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Glad everyone had fun!

Did the Dragon shirts we got them fit?

Love, Dee and Papa