Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Week

I've had such a good time with the kids being out of school this week.  This is them braving the cold to go grocery shopping on Monday.  I was glad to get that out of the way early so we could play all week.
We went to the Owl's Nest on Monday.  It's a toy store in Southlake Town Square that the kids love.  I wanted to get Abby an outfit to wear to the Carroll Playoff game on Friday since Aaron had his new shirt from the Cottons.  The kids played with the grocery store, kitchen and train tracks while I shopped. 


They had swim Monday night.  Abby did a really good job.  Her swimming is really coming along.

On Tuesday we met Asa and Erin Vande Zande at the Aquarium. 

While we waited for them the kids played on this space in the mall where you jump on things and it changes the pictures.  There are games, too.

In the Aquarium Bubble.
Abby's new Dragon shirt.  Love.  The Owl's Nest has custom stuff I haven't seen anywhere else.  They have super cute custom Dragon dresses, but they didn't have any small enough for Abby this week.  Their Dragon Shop changes each week. 
We also got Aaron's hair cut on Tuesday and he got a mint.  He's such a big boy.  He goes in and tells them his name and goes back by himself.  He does a great job.  He is afraid of hair dryers and he always tells the stylist.
I started cooking for Thanksgiving on Tuesday.  This is the cranberry sauce.  I did it in the crock pot this year which was nice.  It turned out really well.



On Wednesday we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch.

Aaron is really into the games now.  This is a snow boarding one where you 'drive'.  He stayed on this most of the time.  He is also SOOOO into Chuck E.  He loves to do the Chuck E Cheese dance.  When he got done one time he went up and hugged Chuck E and told him to please wait while he got his sister.  Then he ran to the back of the place where Abby was playing and brought her back to get a hug from Chuck E.  Love that kid!
The kids stamped the Christmas Cards for me.  Aaron was SO diligent and the stamps were perfectly straight and in exactly the right place.  And then there was Abby.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for this family and our extended family and our unbelievable friends and our church.  We have a laid back day planned and I look forward to sweet together time.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

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Beth said...

LOL on the stamps!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!