Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Facts

I post a lot of pictures and I don't really Blog any more about what the kids are doing and saying and liking and they are at such a fun, cute stage!  I don't want to forget.  So I'm going to try to do some posts with fun facts about the babies.

1.  Aaron is very specific.  He loves details and he loves to say things correctly.  His teacher loves to send me little snippets of what he will say.  Like when he orders "the deli style sandwich" at lunch.

 2.  Aaron loves to buy his lunch at school.  He is showing so much independence.  I can not believe this is the same boy who two months ago couldn't walk from the car to the front door of the school by himself.  Now he RUNS in, racing his friends.
 3.  Aaron has received a sticker for good behavior every single day of school this year.  He loves school and is thriving there.  He comes home and teaches us everything he learned.  I hear him having class and he will ask the 'students' a question then he will call on himself to answer.

 4.  Aaron buttoned every button on the shirt in this picture by himself and he was SO proud.  He's putting on his jacket and socks by himself and can now wear pants with zippers and snaps instead of just elastic waistbands.

5.  Abby is loud.  Seriously.  And hilarious.  And when she's playing by herself I hear her say things like "Oh golly!"  and "Whoopsie Daisy!"

 6.  Aaron and Abby can both do a pretty good version of the Hotty Toddy cheer and it makes me proud.

7.  Abby can sing most of Amazing Grace (all verses) and Aaron sings a whole bunch of verses to London Bridge, all except one I did not know existed.

8.  If you read Aaron a book one time he can generally, more or less, read it from memory from there on out and he knows when to turn the pages.


 9.  Abby LOVES her brother.  She wants to show him everything and tell him everything and hear about everything he did that day.  At night I sing her a song about how Mommy and Daddy and Jesus love her and she always says "you didn't say Bubby!".


 10.  I think it is so fun that both of my kids told Santa what they want for Christmas this year and that they are going to get it on Christmas morning.







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