Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast


 Aaron's class had a Thanksgiving Feast Friday and Abby and I got to go.
 It was super fun!
 The class was so nice to include Abby.

She had her own seat at the table and got to do everything the big kids did.







Afterwards, the kids went to centers and Abby went to.  You would have never known that she isn't part of this class every day.

And, oh sweet child.  When we left she wore Aaron's feather hat which was way too big for her and was running around outside with it falling over her eyes. 

 She couldn't see, but she was having a blast!
 It was a super fun day and everyone was so super sweet.  We have really loved being a part of this school.

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving lunch with the kids at Aaron school Thursday. Very nice school.
Love, Dee & Papa