Monday, November 25, 2013

More Saturday

Family Fun Saturday continued after the house decorating.
We babysat one of our favorites, Asa!  The kids love him!
And since it was a game day we dressed him in Aggie gear.  I couldn't get away with this will all of my friends, but he sure was a cute Aggie!
LOVE this picture of game watching
Later we got dressed in some warm Christmas clothes to go to the Tree Lighting in Southlake Town Square.  Aaron grabbed Jory's hat which was laying on the table.
It was SOOO cold.  There were some fake snow flurries, and you would have just assumed they were real.
But Aaron really enjoyed the festivities.
He was disappointed that Rudolph wasn't there.
He loved the big countdown to the lighting and it was so amazing when the switch was flipped and the square was lit up!

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