Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Last week was PJ day at my mom's group.  Fun fact:  Julie Elliott gave her the bow for her birthday, Robert Elliott bought her the PJs in Las Vegas and the slippers used to be Katie Grace Elliott's.  We are the Allens, fully supported by the Elliotts
 The other day she put stickers all over her shirt and I wanted to take a picture to send to Grandma Sheri since she bought her the stickers. I couldn't see them very well so I told her to lift her arms.  As soon as she did it she began to twirl around.  I love her.  I love people who say boys and girls aren't different.

 We are going on a Disney Cruise in January and I found this cruise outfit that says 'Ahoy Minnie' on the blazer.

Another fun, random fact:  Abby loves V-8 juice. Tomato juice.  She guzzles it.  That is all. 

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