Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend, Take Two

So this is a little backwards because this is actually Friday, which was a great kickoff to a great weekend.  Carroll is in the football playoffs and ever since Aaron started at Carroll he has been fascinated with the games.  He finally got to go to his first game a few weeks ago and he's hooked.  We had planned on going as a family to the first playoff game last weekend, but things got messed up and it didn't work out.  So, Aaron and Jory were planning to go to the second playoff game on Friday.  Leslie Cotton brought Aaron this new shirt on Friday to wear to the game.  And he took a two hour nap and he was so excited and rested and was freezing.  Which was okay, except that it was raining and the game was an hour away and didn't start until 7 and over where the game was they were calling for some bad road conditions with the freezing rain and all and Jory just had no idea when they would ever get home which isn't appealing late on a Friday night with a four year old.
So Jory had to explain to Aaron that they couldn't go.  Aaron told him that he wasn't afraid of the cold and he had a coat and, look, I've got my Dragons shirt on.  Oh my word.  Break my heart.  Aaron was disappointed, but when Jory asked him to trust him he handled it with such grace.  I was very proud of him.
Then he asked if they could go somewhere real quick if they wouldn't be on the roads too late. Sooo...Bass Pro got a sweet visitor Friday night. 
We really do love Bass Pro's Christmas set up.  Everything is free. 

Including pictures with Santa!  Jory took this one with his phone, but we have an official Santa picture in hard copy that Bass Pro took.  It's so cute!
There are all kinds of activities...
and crafts.
Aaron had a fantastic time.  And Saturday morning he found out that the Dragons won and will be playing this Friday at Cowboy Stadium.  It's in the afternoon, and inside, and Jory's off work so we can all go as a family!  The Cottons are coming too and we are so very excited.  We have a fun filled Thanksgiving weekend planned!

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