Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend, Take One

I have SOOOO many pictures from this weekend.  A few posts will be forthcoming. We had such a great weekend with the kiddos.  They are really getting to ages that it's just so fun to do things with them.  On Saturday we started decorating for Christmas.  It was a COLD day and we didn't have plans and it seemed like perfect timing.
The kids wore matching PJs and we found a great Christmas station on the iPad and we made hot chocolate in special mugs!
The kids played with this Little People manger that Kim and John got Aaron for his first Christmas.  That is Aaron reading the instruction manual.  I kid you not.  He looks at the pictures and replicates.  (Enter Bob Knox joke).
Hot cocoa in Snowmen Mugs by the fire! With marshmallows!
Aaron playing with the tower he got from John and Kim for his first Christmas.  He loves this thing.  He builds it up and then knocks it down, but after we went to a tree lighting where they counted down from 10 before they 'lit the town', he started doing a big countdown before the demolition.
First ornament!
Second ornament.  This was a nutcracker and he was excited about it after ICE!.
Ummm...third ornament.  It doesn't get old.
All bundled up to go buy a few things we needed to finish decorating.

Love this picture.  The kids had a fantastic time decorating with us.  It was such a joyful day.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful family time!

Love, Dee & Papa