Saturday, October 23, 2010


Aaron gets very focused on his Projects! They tell me that in the church nursery, too. He'll get involved in something and everything else disappears. The top pictures are of one of his many Rock Projects. This one involves moving rocks from a bench to the cup holders from his stroller and back again. (He removed said cup holders for this purpose). Every time he moves the rocks he takes care to arrange them perfectly.

Yesterday he went into his room and started organizing his hats. He came out wearing this knit cap his Great Grandmother made him last year!

The last project involves cheerios and lots of different containers. This was an rather involved project!


Robyn Beele said...

He is going to be a smart little boy!!

B. Meandering said...

Well, I doubt that you will have to worry about his teachers ever telling you "He can't concentrate."
I wish I had more students with his ability to concentrate!
Great pics of the little man being himself.
Miss him and you and Jory.