Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Week

Okay, this isn't from this week, but I thought it was funny. Aaron has to have a change of clothes in his backpack at school in case of an accident. I have an Aggie Outfit - basketball shorts and a matching jersey shirt. A couple of weeks ago Aaron got wet on the slide on the playground and the teachers decided to change his shorts - just his shorts. So he came home in his collared shirt and basketball shorts. Good look, don't you think?

Tuesday October 18, 2011

In honor of the Rangers starting the World Series on Wednesday Aaron wore his jersey to school. My husband has repeatedly pointed out that our children do not know what it's like for the Rangers to NOT be in the World Series. When he was growing up, he didn't know what it was like for the Rangers to have a winning season. He's not kidding.

Cutie Pie while Aaron's at school
Wednesday October 19, 2011
I knew Fall would eventually get here! This is Aaron (in a coat!) gathering leaves! He would fill up his little bag and then take it to the trash can to empty it and start over.
Later on we went to Kohl's to get Aaron a pair of non-sandal brown shoes. Being that it's fall and all. He insisted on pushing Abby. Luckily she's a tough girl.
Thursday October 20, 2011
There was a fundraiser at the Chick Fil A in Hurst that several of my friends were involved in. So we headed there for dinner. Aaron gets SO excited for Chick Fil A. Even though he only eats cole slaw, milk and the tomatoes off of my sandwich.
More than Little Girl gets to eat there.
Friday October 21, 2011
I cleaned all morning, so Aaron had to occupy himself quite a bit. He is VERY into pictures. He LOVES to look at photo albums and scrap books. And he loves to be given pictures to look at and organize. He will arrange and rearrange them and tell you who is in every one and what was going on that you can't see in the picture.

Little Girl occupying herself. Likely laughing at her brother. One of my favorite things right now is how much Aaron talks to Abby. He keeps her up to date on everything. It's a running commentary all day long:
Do you see those backhoes, Abby? See what I made, Abby? Do you want some cereal, Abby? Do you like those tomatoes, Abby? Not my book, Abby; here's your toy. Do you want to go Night Night with me, Abby? Did you have good Night Nights, Abby? You're okay, Abby. Do you want to watch me play outside, Abby?
We did get out in the afternoon and got Aaron's haircut...again...that boy's hair grows fast!

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