Friday, October 7, 2011

Day with Dee

Last week Dee came over and we took the kids out together. We introduced Dee to the wonders of Chick Fil A!!!

I tried to feed Abby store-bought baby food and it was a mess. I guess I have never made my kids' food right because it was never this runny - even when they were little little. Oops. And this was before...
Abby did a header into the spoon! Dee and Aaron played in the play area and I was so impressed with Aaron. His socializing is changing so much now that he is in school.
After a parking lot dress change we headed to Wal-mart. Dee wanted to get the kids some Halloween clothes, but most of that wasn't out anymore. Instead, we got some Christmas and Valentine's outfits!

When we got home I mixed the rest of that store bought food with cereal. MUCH easier feeding.


Spicy Magnolia said...

Precious! Precious! Precious!

Beth said...

I agree with Spicy!
I presume bibs don't do much good with this messy little eater?! At least she kept her foot out of it!

And store bought food is too runny--I didn't like that when you were the age of Abby. It splattered so easily (esp. if a child took a header into the spoon). I do vaguely remember that you were a messier eater than your brother and a pickier one. (I'm sure that bit of info thrills you)! :>)