Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Festival

Thursday was Aaron's Fall Festival at school. Kim came and stayed with Abby so that I could go to the Festival with Aaron and then work at part of the Festival.
This is not Aaron. This is Andrew, my sweet friend Elizabeth's son. Aaron loves Andrew.

This is Aaron's class patiently waiting to try the bounce house. Those are pumpkin tattoos on their cheeks.

The first Bounce House was really for older kids. It had a rock climb in it that went up to a HUGE slide. Aaron was the only one in his class able to climb it. Then he got to the top and wasn't sure he wanted to be there, but he did come down that slide. I was proud.

This is a rope of rings that the kids hold on to every time they go somewhere. It keeps them all in a line and accounted for. Aaron is definitely a child of habit. He always grabs the same ring and is just waiting in the ring line while all of the other kids are getting gathered up and situated.

Aaron was a 'Happy Camper'. This isn't his Halloween Costume, but I thought that was too cumbersome for his teachers and these PJs are so cute! John picked them out when he and Kim were in Jackson Hole recently.

Aaron in the 'Acrobatics Station'

They were pretending to be airplanes in the 'Motion Room'. They were mostly confused.

It was such a fun time and it was so sweet for me to see Aaron interacting with his friends and teachers. The school did a great job with the festival.

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