Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dressing for December - Final Days

Thursday  December 27
You can't see this shirt very well, but it has sequined snow flakes on it.  I think it came from Kristi.
Friday, December 28
I thought this fuzzy sweater looked like such a snow bunny.  I put a red bow in her hair to make it more Christmas-like.  This was a bonus Christmas gift - Grandma Sheri got it for Leah but it was too small.  Score!
Saturday December 29
Kim had bought Abby and Aaron matching Christmas PJs.  We went to their house in the morning on the 29th for Christmas since we were gone over Christmas.  We put the kids in their pajamas for a Christmas Morning Feel. This is Abby on her present...
And Aaron playing with his!
Sunday December 30
This green velvet dress was Katie Grace's.  Looking back over the month I realized that my favorite outfits on Abby were all green.  I remember Julie (KG's mom) telling me that Abby looks really good in green.  I am going to remember that going forward!

 Monday December 31
For the last day, Abby for a Santa's Lil Helper shirt from Kristi. What a cute helper she was.


Beth said...

All are cute, but you're right--the green looks esp. good on her. I like her hair style in that photo also.

Anonymous said...

Pure Cuteness!
Love, Dee & Papa