Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Pictures

I haven't taken many pictures lately which is strange for me.  And a lot of the ones I have are with my phone, so they aren't good.  But I wanted to post something on here.  Looking at my pictures from the last week gives me motivation to do better.

We went to Chuck E Cheese last week with Laura and Brock and met up with Rebekah, Cilla and Duke who were in town.  Those are some of my favorite people!  We had a fantastic time, but I didn't take hardly any pictures!
 Yesterday we had Play Group at the library.  Aaron has been begging to go to the library.  I feel like we lived there this summer, but didn't go at all in the fall. 
It was great.  My kids got on the computers for the first time.  We have always just read, but they do have some great interactive things on the computers.
 Abby playing music!
We were at Ann's house a couple of weekends ago.  This is Aaron about to slide into a pile of wet leaves.  Fun!
 Playing outside when it was cold.  I thought he looked so cute in his vest and gloves.
 Love this boy!

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Anonymous said...

So cool! Love all the activities they get to do.
Thanks Sara.....Love, Dee