Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day Two

On Saturday morning Abby combed her hair all by herself.  She was enormously proud.

Then we headed to get our produce basket from our Co-op.  They added a new pick up location option.  It was quite a drive for us, but we had to choose it, because it was Jory's old elementary school!  He was so excited to show the kids his stomping grounds.



The house he grew up in is across the street from the school


 This is the basketball court where he learned to play ball.  He came over by himself and shot lots of hoops.
 We walked all around and he showed us everything.


When we left, we spent the morning driving around to his middle and high schools and through the neighborhoods where all of his friends lived.  He pointed out so many things to us and we had such a great time.

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