Monday, June 9, 2014


 Our daughter has officially stated that her name is Abigail, and she would prefer not to be called Abby. 
 Most places where she goes by herself (school, church, gymnastics) she is called Abigail because that is the name she gives them.  But amongst friends and family, she's usually Abby. 

Jory told her she could be called Abigail if that is what she wanted. 

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Beth said...

It's been easier for me to say Abigail and Addison rather than Abby and Addy. I don't get the names mixed up that way! As you've always said, if you all lived in Ohio, Abby would be Abigail full-time. I think it suits her perfectly. I've only had one student in the past 11 years that was an Abby and I'm not sure what her full name was. The name is different and in this time of crazy names and old-fashioned ones, it is fairly unique. And I would definitely say your daughter is unique!:>)