Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 17 (Family Vacation Day 1)

 We just got back from being gone six days which is a long time for our little family.  We took a Cruise with my family and it was a blast.  We have so much to share.  We left on Sunday morning and this is us on the bus at the airport.  We take the bus from Long-term Parking to the Terminal and my kids generally think it's the best park of any vacation.  Seriously.  When we get back I always stay to get the luggage while Jory gets the car and the kids go crazy trying to be the one that gets to ride the bus to the car.  Anyway...

 We flew to Orlando.  Abigail and I sat together with the boys right behind us.  It was the side of the plane with two seats and it works great for us.  Abigail was so interested in the crash instructions because it looked like people were taking a slide into the water and getting on a raft.  How fun would that be???
 We got to Orlando a little bit before my family and we read the Bible while we waited.
 Grandpa's Here!!!!!
 Our cruise didn't leave until Monday, but we took a bus to Cape Canaveral where the cruise would leave from and spent the night at a hotel on the beach.  Here are the cousins taking advantage of the pool there.

 After swimming we got dressed for a walk on the beach.  My kids absolutely love the ocean!


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