Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 13 and 14

 Yesterday was a super fun day, which was amazing since we were stuck at the house all day waiting on contractors and repairmen.  We had been trying to get to the library since it opened and we didn't make it until almost 8pm.  When Aaron got our of the car he said, "This is so nice.  What a nice night for the library!"
 We spent the day reading books and the kids completely finished their Summer Reading Program so they were excited to get prizes.  The kids also had a good time during the day making up different games on their own.  It was a sweet day and we really enjoyed the time together.


They took back their books from a few days ago and they each chose five more.  Aaron always goes to the Transportation section and I see the same rotation of books.  Abigail's are always changing and diverse.

Abigail entertained herself for a while with the magnetic game puzzles.

Leaving with a new book!

 Today we headed to Papa and Dee's in the morning.
 The kids had a great time swimming with Papa!
 Then we picked tomatoes, ate lunch and build a Lincoln Log Cabin!

What a fun summer day!

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