Sunday, April 8, 2012


Aaron has taken to calling Abby 'Ab'. Of all the Many Various names we have called this girl in almost fourteen months I do not recall anyone uttering 'Ab'. That's all him.
We he talks about her, though, he calls her Abby. It's just the name he uses when he is talking to her. Or if he relays a conversation they had. For instance, he recently said, "So I said, 'Ab, are you happy?'"
Ab loves her shopping cart and her kitchen. She really is starting to play with things now and show her interests. She is also fond of books which is handy, we have a few. She will sit in the corner and stare at books and turn the pages like she's reading. She also knows which books are hers - not that it keeps her from her brother's!

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Anonymous said...

He sure loves his Ab!
We do too....Dee & Papa