Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Friday

I Love Good Friday. Last year was extra special because Jory was off work that day, but this year the kids and I enjoyed the day together.
Aaron was excited about our day!We went to Central Market which is one of Aaron's favorite places (because of the free cheese samples).
Aaron was feeding Abby yogurt after lunch and had it all over her which they both thought was funny. My premonition regarding that is why they are shirtless.
Abby woke up first from the afternoon nap and found Aaron's bounty from his Easter Egg Hunt at school on Thursday.
Aaron had a special swim lesson and Abby just hung out as chill as could be.
The kids got Easter Buckets in the mail from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom! Abby loved hers,
but she also loved her brother's Mater!
Aaron LOVED his Mater bucket. Loved, loved, loved.
And his excavator shirt. You'd think those grandparents know him!
Daddy got to come home early! His boss closed the office around 3 for Good Friday. Aaron had gotten an Easter book from Grandma Beth and couldn't wait for Daddy to read it to him!
Happy Easter, Everybody!

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