Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things to Remember

While I find it hard to imagine that I'll ever forget how much Aaron loved dirt and backhoes as a boy, I do want to make sure I record memories of the sweet things he said and did.This happened a while ago and most people know the story, but I had to write it down. Aaron came to me while I was cooking dinner with a book he had pulled off our bookshelf. He said, "Mama, I'm going to read you a story about Jesus and Moses. Jesus and Moses were painting a wall blue. God said, 'that would make me very nervous.' So, in the first week, God created yellow."
Aaron is very concerned about his sister. If he hears her crying he wants to know what's wrong and he really wants to fix it. He'll ask me to make her a drink or he'll go get her a blanket or a stuffed animal.
Aaron loves to read. He will sit by himself and 'read' the books that he has memorized. He will read them cover to cover.
When Aaron wants to do something he knows I won't let him do, he asks me to leave. But he's not slick about it at all. I'll tell him he can have one of something and he'll say, "Mama, I'd like you to go out of the room and close the door so you don't see me have two."


Beth said...

How precious! LOL on that last one! A big smile on the other two.

Anonymous said...

Special moments for sure!

Love, Dee & Papa

Kathy C said...

Smart kid :) May he always be so honest!