Saturday, March 22, 2014

Aaron's well check

Aaron had his five year old well check this week.  It was quick and uneventful.  He's doing great and he impressed me with how well he answered the doctor's questions.  He is very articulate. 


 He's 47 inches tall and weights 44 pounds.  So he's 99th percentile for height and about 70th for weight.  He's as tall as an average 6+ year old and he wears the same shoe size as an average 7-8 year old.
He is sweet and smart and loves projects.  I just asked him what he loves and he said, "pasta, pizza, race tracks, mama, Bravo and Echo, mixed rice, the movie Planes and I love candy but I don't eat it always and I love Daddy and my sister Abby."

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