Monday, March 17, 2014

Just some days

Spring Break was pretty lazy for us.  On Monday we went to the mall for a bit and on Tuesday we celebrated Aaron's birthday, but mostly Spring Break was a normal week for us with the kids home.  This is Abby before swim on Wednesday.
On Thursday we went to Target to spend the birthday gift cards the kids got from their undles. 
They are SO into having gift cards and picking out what to spend them on. 

They really think it through and they end up so proud and happy with their choices.

Dee came on Thursday and got some reading time in and some good outside play time.

On Friday I took the kids to a Thai Restaurant I have been wanting to try since we moved here.


Aaron loves Asian food. 
Abby just loves food.
Abby took a super long nap on Friday and Aaron and I sat outside and read new books.



Then he folded laundry!

This is Abby in a dress Papa picked out for her a long time ago.  It is super cute.



It is so sweet when the kids are both home!

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