Monday, March 3, 2014

Almost Five

 In honor of Aaron's fifth birthday party today, I thought about putting the hooded baby towel that he has used after almost every bath in his whole life in The Keepsake Bin.  I thought about, but I didn't actually do it. 

 Here is the future fire fighter on party day.  We do his parties a week early because of Spring Break. 
 This was a fun day because school got cancelled for ice, but since the party isn't until 4 we felt like we could go ahead with it. 
So we spent the day playing here and Daddy was home quite a bit which was super nice.  We will head to the party soon.  Aaron picked his theme - all things fire fighter, featuring the fire engine Red from Cars.  He also picked the flavor for his cake.  He has been planning his parties to the details since his third birthday.  He chose McDonald's again and said he always wants to have his parties there.  He is so excited!

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