Sunday, June 16, 2013

The looks of Abigail

 She absolutely loves rocking in this rocking chair.  She always wants me to take her picture.

 Okay, this was about the funniest thing, though you probably had to be there.  She was being shown an animal app on a phone that most kids apparently LOVE.  It's wear you talk and a dog repeats what you said.  But she was afraid of the dog.  And she really hated it.  You can see her pulling away from the phone.

 She loves putting things on her head, her face, whatever.
 Unamused, I tell you.  Unamused.
 She loves Bubby's firefighter helmet so much.

 She was so proud of this tower.
 A hat and a shovel.  What else could she need?

1 comment:

Beth said...

LOL on the unamused look and comment.
Yes, you can really tell when she does not like something and is pulling away, such as the Santa sitting and this dog thing.
Love the hat and shovel. :>)