Friday, June 14, 2013

Some of Aaron's Favorite Things

Reading time. He loves to be read to, but he also LOVES to read to other children.  His teacher has pictures of him doing it at school.

Trains.  We were at Grapevine Mills Mall and he just about came out of his skin walking past this toy shop with trains in the window.

The aquarium.  He loves, loves, loves fish.  And we go all the time and he still loves it.  And the funny thing is that when we get done he wants to sit outside the aquarium (in the mall) and watch this video about the aquarium that is designed to lure people in.
I love this picture.  Doesn't Abby look unamused?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful children!

Love Dee & Papa

Have fun on vacation!

Beth said...

He told me about the aquarium on the phone yesterday. I didn't realize it was in the mall. No wonder there weren't sharks there!:>)
So cute about how he reacted to the trains!