Friday, June 7, 2013

Last day of swim

Yesterday was the last day of the swim classes the kids have been in all year.
Abby spent the ENTIRE class going, "Me! Me!  I go! Me! Me, too!" Seriously.  The entire class.
Which probably would have been annoying if you hadn't witnessed her at the first class where she spent the entire class screaming bloody murder.  I am really surprised the poor teacher and fellow parents stuck it out with this girl, but it was so worth it.  I loved seeing her jump off the side and have so much fun playing in the water.

At one point Abby was standing on the step begging the teacher to take her next to swim.  "Me!  Me!  Me!" The teacher said, "Abby, you have to sit on the side/"  You should have seen her.  "Okay.  Okay. Okay." As she is scrambling to get seated.  As soon as she did she smiled and said, "Okay.  Me."  He took her.


Beth said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

That's our Abby.

Love Papa & Dee