Saturday, June 8, 2013


Abby has over 100 words now.
I am guessing I haven't updated since her last birthday.  So words 79 through 100 were:
Home (hum), Hop, Too (doo), Football (boo ba), Puppy, Cook (gook), My, Hold (hoht), Jack, Walk, One, Three (dee), Again (gin), Luke (gook), Bowl (bow), Plum (pum), Pizza (pita), Baby, Ella, Read (wheat), Star (taw), Hat

She is also saying her own night time prayer now.  She puts her hands together and mumbles something that is probably 'Dear God'.  Then she says 'Bubby, Abby, Daddy and Mama, too. AMEN.'


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What an angel God sent us!

We love you, Dee & Papa